Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MVNEGood? MBLAQ "Mona Lisa" Review

This week, we reviewed MBLAQ's "Mona Lisa" MV. Review vlog link here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "This is a meaningful song, lovely metaphor comparing an unattainable to Mona Lisa's song, even if its a little extreme. The video is a little off in terms of referencing Europe and Mona Lisa."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "Not bad, from chill/sleek to beautiful ballads, but too bad that they're in TVXQ/Big Bang's shadows. Used quite a few sets."
T.S.AAV Notes:

-comparing this girl they're obsessed with to Mona Lisa, a famous painting, because they cant have her. 
-good: mir's rap is sexy and the engrish isn't as bad as Y, whatchamacallit saranghae3x sounds desperate like the rest of the song, GO's long note is cool. 
-bad: mir's rap, everybody on the left/right <--makes no sense in context of song, its a little gross to compare your girl to the mona lisa because she's just a painting pple don't lust after. 

-good: love the girl's smirk, GO really fits cause haircut looks kinda spanish in here- which isn't italian. 
-bad: mona lisa is known for her mysterious almost stoic smile, yet the video portrays none of them with poker faces. again with the five guys after *one* girl- thats kinda getting old yknow… 

-good: everything has a western feel with the british rocker outfits, dusty gas station, manskirts, restaurant booth, accordion backing. frequently shaking camera is a little overdone, but its nice.
-bad: joon/mir's hair why cuuuut!?, got their references mixed up. mona lisa is a european painting, but its from italy. in the vid, we see british and american flags, old american gas station, and GO looks like a french family crest. 

-good: guitar looks kinda funny. thunder's roof dancing was cute. the face wiping fits the "expressionless face" line. the praying pose for "baby say yes" at the end
-bad: the bobbing part is really annoying, and joon looks kinda ugly doing it. guitar dance, but accordion backing and hip roll? 

Rayestar Notes:

-weird auto-tuned Mir's voice
-great accordion/guitar accompaniment
-G.O.'s music bridge
-MBLAQ's collective voice
-line distribution usually OK, but Seungho gets only two lines this time
-expression like Mona Lisa (what does that mean?), unattainable
-nice little body wave (dancing group, anyway)
-not as intense?
-oh~oh part is cool?
-hardly any dance shots, actually (what's there is repetitive)
-Mir's American flag pants and cape
-Thunder's leggings ><
-G.O.'s red jacket
-Seungho's hair is black (and flat) o.o
-Seungho's UK themed flag shirt?
-underground sewer(?)
-gas station (Thunder arrived in car)
-emo Joon shot, all alone
-parking lot
-scenes where they can't get the girl
-rooftop (evening/nighttime)
-random: girl drives off in car that is different from MBLAQ's

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  1. it was cheondoong's rap that was to the left, to the right........