Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MVNEGood? Miss A "Goodbye Baby" Review

This week, we reviewed Miss A's "Goodbye Baby" MV. Review vlog link here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "I loved it. The set, the story, everything fits the message the song portrays. There's a couple technical difficulties, but, for Miss A's third MV, it still works out great."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "Miss A's comeback is reminiscent of 'Bad Girl Good Girl', which helped them earn Rookie of the Year. Even though the vocals aren't that strong and the dance is nothing special, they delivered their concept home."
T.S.AAV Notes:
-seems like update of Goodbye Baby. I bet next single will be update of Breathe xD
-sounds like jia caught her boyfriend cheating on her with rest of miss a, started by suzy
-opening piano bit is pretty. also hear a ticking bomb-ooh
-sound good live too
-dont think jia is a powerful enough rapper, but she's probably the only one that can. 
-literally makes sense with the video! *whoot* 
-symbolism: aside from miss a looking like auditioning for the MV, it also looks like they're auditioning for his heart. mr cheesy biting cherry- vampire. 
-opening white guy is cheesy as hell. "Now pay attention to me for 5 sec. Now here… You wanna put everything to it… I want everything… Ok look ok… See this? Look I want you to…"
-Mr Cheesy (bad acting) literally.
-too little Fei
-where did all the backup dancers and crew go after firecrackers?
-SH: min's opening shot is powerful. along with suzy slowmo poking behind jia. along with 2:50  min eating cherry. 3:57 suzy/fei laughing at man in tank. the water shaking in the beginning
-VI: Suzy's outfit/cat ears is interesting. -JYP use jailbait -like GD/TOP's bunnygirls -playgirl? also her miniskirt when bunched up looks like snake skin <3
-VI: explosions look too much like firecrackers instead of bombs
-VI: love the growing flames in the hallway
-VI: jia can work any hair color <3 JYP is smart. loved her black outfit too
-VI: dont like fei's makeup towards end. corset ok, but the side looks fake. also 
-VI: lol technical difficulties= 4:10 water is below waist, 4:12 water is over head, 4:14 water is at chest. 
-SE: matte background- i hate. but this time it makes sense
-SE: are they trying to make us jealous with all the fancy camera equipment!!!
-beginning great but then disappointed 
-makes sense like their other MVs
-only good part was the snake. and how on earth did they do it with 3in pumps?
-unique way of waving goodbye. more like shoo fly don't bother me. 
-the hip pumping doesn't make sense tho...

Rayestar Notes:

-self-promoting JYP at beginning (like SuJu, SS501, etc.)
-plain-sounding chorus voice (SNSD>Miss A>f(x) in terms of maturity level)
-nice lead of eighth notes into first line
-strong downbeats
-rap is a little stiff (seems common in female raps)
-not much voiceovers
-Jia gets a lot of lines, even rap
-lyrics: I'm done with you, no regrets
-putting legs up while lying on back, even in live performances
-more of a legs groups vs. SNSD (looking at packaging covers)
-Min's swingy move looks like Secret's Starlight Moonlight (even the concept of one member going first, then others following)
-backwards(?) scorpion leg thing!
-common themes of red, white, or black
-cat Suzy
-Fei's strapless top XP
-Jia's orange hair makes her look paler (also a bit straw-like after all those jobs)
-Min looks the same
-Jia/Fei pants holes (better than rips :P)
-hair to toss around
-steps light up with legs at beginning XD
-reflective white room (reminiscent of SuJu)
-guy is sloppy eater (like Denethor from LotR)
-Jia's first shot, nose mole
-Min eating cherry
-glass cylinder
-room with falling water(?), fire
-disco ball

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