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What are press-on nail commissions? Think of it like a mashup between a digital/print art commission and press-on nails. There are a lot of classic and beautiful indie press-on nails online and in-store, but have you ever wanted specific or niche design? How about showing off your favorite book, movie, game or other entertainment on your nails? Or trying out uncommon designs? Or even something NSFW that you’d never find in a drugstore or most establishments? This is your chance to wear it or gift it to someone who would appreciate it.  

Order form to commission a press-on nail set from me: 


  • Single image/item on nail: $30
  • Multiple elements/items on nail: $35
  • Including jewels or 3D elements: $40

How to measure your nail widths:

It is important that you measure with your nail curve in mind and it is better to order 1 size up so the sides can be filed in case it's too big. Follow the instructions below:

How to Prep Your Own Nails:

You want your nails as oil free and clean as possible. Short nails will also fit better.
1. Clip or file your nails as desired.
2. Gently push off extra cuticle skin on your nails.
3. Dehydrate your nail plate with alcohol or acetone.

How to Apply the Press-on Nails:

On the back of the press-on nails, the numbers are the sizes (in mm) that will correspond with the measurements you provided. Match up the correct press-on nail size to your nail. There are several ways to apply:
A. Place the adhesive tape on your nail bed, place and squeeze the press-on nail to your nail bed as hard as possible for 20+ seconds.
B. Paint a normal top coat on your bare nails. While the top coat is still wet,  place and squeeze the press-on nail to your nail bed as hard as possible until the top coat has dried them together. (Note: This is a short term wear.)
C. Apply a small drop of glue to your nail bed, place the press-on nail close to the cuticle parallel to the nail bed, then squeeze the nail to your nail bed for 10+ seconds. 

How to Remove the Press-on Nails:

A: Adhesive tape and wet nail polish- apply cuticle oil or acetone around the edges of the nail, then gently pry at the base of the press-on nail where it meets the cuticle. Continue applying cuticle oil or acetone underneath the press-on nail until it comes off.
B: Nail glue- soak your nails in a bowl of hot water and soap for 10-15+ minutes. Then apply acetone around the edges of the nail and gently pry at the base of the press-on nail where it meets the cuticle. Continue applying cuticle oil or acetone underneath the press-on nail until it comes off.
Additional info: https://clutchnails.com/blogs/news/how-to-get-nail-glue-off-nails


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nail tech. I happen to be an amateur nail blogger and some people suggested this would be a unique idea to try. However, I do use a well-ventilated workspace and clean supplies/tools. 

What your order will include?
- 10-14 press-on gel nails
- Storage container
- Instructions
- (optional) adhesive tape or nail glue

What payment methods do I accept?
-Square. If I end up expanding internationally or circumstances require it, this may change. 

Where do I ship?
-Because I am new and I don’t have a fanbase yet, I am only shipping to US and Canada.

- For sanitation purposes, I cannot accept returns. After the package is sent off for shipping I no longer have control over the package and cannot be held responsible for any delays or damages. If any issues occur, please contact me and we can handle it on a case by case basis.  Deposits are nonrefundable.

What brands/supplies do I use? 

-Polishes: Seche Vite, CND, Holo Taco, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, OPI, LA Colors, Julep, Beetles Gel Polish, and more.
-Gel UV machine: Beetles

What I will not do:
-I frequently do logos, but I will not steal someone else’s art/design, including fanart. I’m cool with NSFW nails, but I will not do underage, bestiality, racist, or other illegal designs.

How come the colors/images look different when I receive them?
-Due to the nature of designing these handmade nails, designs may vary slightly as they are all one of a kind. Different display monitors may slightly distort the lighting and color of the photos.

Allergy warnings?
-Nail polish and acetone are chemicals. Most of the polishes I use claim to be at least 5-free, but there is always a risk of allergic contact dermatitis. I do not use latex for other’s press-on nails, but I do have latex within my workstation. I try to avoid cross-contamination as much as possible. Any sets that I am modeling will not be sold and I do not accept returns so you will never receive used press-on nails.

Ready-made press-on nail sets: 
-Order form: [link TBA]
-Post of current designs available: https://resachiicnails.tumblr.com/post/678874876667428865

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