Tuesday, October 31, 2023

[DIY] How I Made Demon Slayer Emnu's Hand Prosthetic with Latex



Happy Halloween! I'm not a professional SFX makeup artist, but I could not find any tutorials on how to make Enmu's hand mouth- there are several makeup/paint tutorials or prop tutorials, but nothing with a prosthetic you can wear. So I followed these tutorials on how to make scars with liquid latex and just made it look more like Enmu's hand. You can make your's color accurate to Enmu with white or gray body paint/makeup/alcohol activated paint, but my version is aiming to look like my natural skin color, so I'm using foundation instead. 

Materials needed:

-Liquid latex (patch test first to make sure you are not allergic! If you are allergic, there are other options)
-Toilet paper or cotton balls
-Adhesives of your choice
-Pressed/loose powder
-Your foundation color
-Paints/makeup of your choice 
-Plastic nails (or clay, basically something for teeth)
-Disposable sponges
-A smooth plastic surface
-Some paper & pencil


1. First I traced my hand, put that sketch underneath the plastic surface.

2. Lay down a couple thin layers of liquid latex over the area of my sketch. 

3. Split the dual ply toilet paper and roll it up, place them in a mouth formation. 

4. Lay down more toilet paper over the edges to blend.

5. Apply another thin layer of liquid latex and mold this into the shape of protruding lips. Add more tissue paper, liquid latex, and blend and mold as needed to your desired shape. 

6. Wait until it fully dries.

7. Use some kind of powder all over the prosthetic, then carefully peel it up from the edges, powdering as you go. 

8. Trim the prosthetic to fit your hand. Cover the prosthetic with a foundation that matches your skin.

9. Paint the inside of the mouth black because you won't be able to access it once the teeth are there.

10. Teeth: Many tutorials would recommend some kind of clay. Unfortunately I didn't have any but I do have a lot of fake nails, so I cut them up and painted them white. 

11. Carefully glue the teeth to the inside of your mouth.

12. If you are going to make Enmu's canon skin color, then at this point, you'd paint it. I would recommend alcohol activated paints, body paint, or water-based paint. Also, if you plan on wearing this at a con, photoshoot, or extended period of time, I would recommend another layer of powder just to set everything, especially if you use cream-based products like foundation, body paint, or grease paint.

13. Time to stick it to your skin. Prosaide is the most commonly recommended adhesive. Spirit gum is also recommended for stronger wear. If you're desperate in a pinch and not worried about longevity (so less than 10-30minutes), Elmer's glue may also be passable. 

14. Blend it into your skin, with more liquid latex and toiler paper or cotton balls. I skipped this step because I was only doing it for a very quick hand photoshoot. 

15. If you painted the prosthetic another color than your natural skin, paint your hand to match whatever you painted the prosthetic. So this would cover up any blending. 

16. I also wrote the "dream" kanji with eyeliner, but you can use any kind of paint or liner for that as well. 

And your Enmu hand-mouth prosthetic is done! I think it's a beginner friendly prosthetic to make and I've had people complement this one. I hope you have fun cosplaying Enmu because he's a very fabulous and fun character. Good bye!

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