Sunday, September 4, 2011

DGNA/Daikoku Danji - Love Parade MV

YouTube took down the version that I watched so... I can't link it.
Anyways, I'm wondering... why are DGNA's every Japanese single Love X?
So my notes whilst watching it:
-Hyunmin shaved some more hair DD:
-I think Mika and Karam are competing on who can be more feminine… not that I mind *wink*
-Jay looks more mature???
-quite like Injun’s slicked back hair
-I am forever impressed that Hyunmin can fit his deep “husky” voice into DGNA/Daikoku Danji’s songs when uh wth SHINee cant fit Minho’s wtf man…
-oddly I like their crazy outfits here
-I am wondering why on earth each of their jpop music videos are Love _ (Power, Bingo, now Parade)
-OMG MIKA I LOVE YOU …. but what is with your “piss piss piss” shirt?
-Karam… you know that the “L” hand sign doesnt stand for “love” right? (stands for “loser”)
-oddly… this time its love parade… but aside from DGNA, theres no one else in it (yet Bingo has a whole congo of pple xD)
-the lighting in several parts, especially the “photos”, looks kinda retro (or maybe its just cuz the one i watched was lousy HD)

Unfortunately, I can't go back and rewatch to make more comments...

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