Monday, November 28, 2011

T.S.AAV Anti-Creativity Block: Public transportation

I  am beginning to tax on my creative juices. So what do I do? I turn onto the last option I have- doing it myself to find out what it was like. And then talking it out to myself in hopes it works. So, this vlog series will be about me, talking about real life experiences that I can turn into raw material for stories or artwork, and you, can do it too. Or laugh.

As a writer and artist who frequently has writers/artists' block, I thought it would be nice to create a weekly vlog where I talk about different ways to overcome creativity blocks with real life experiences. Not only will it help myself by talking it out, I hope it will help the gazillion other writers and artists out there.
So, today I'll be talking about public transportation and writing.
One really cool way to get out of creativity block is to ride public transportation. Here you will see a HUGE barrage of interaction or lack of interaction, both of which are greatly useful as source of raw material to see how real people interact. Also, you will save on gas. 
For example, one morning, I took a different bus route to school, one that was more crowded than the bus I usually take. Within a few blocks, a blonde girl got on and this middle aged guy suddenly noticed her combat shoes and began talking to her about them. He then went on explaining about the U.S. army's use of combat boots. And then. His experience as a medic in the Vietnam and Iraq War. And boy did he have a lot of information and opinions. *drink* The blonde combat boots girl eventually got off the bus.
What's even more cool and interesting was that the next time I decided to use that bus instead of my old one, guess who I saw waiting at the same bus stop? That medic veteran. Talk about coincidences. 
Now if an opportunity like this arises, any sort of coincidence, it's a sign to me, that its something that can be written about. You can turn him into a character by creating a backstory for him. Or you can have a scene where two strangers coincidentally meet at a bus or train stop. Or you can create a scene of what happens after the blond girl left the bus.
What's great is that you saw them in real life, you experienced the coincidence, and that makes it that much more easier for you to connect with the moment and write about it. 
So take public transportation for inspiration! 
Watch the vlog here.

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