Thursday, December 1, 2011

MVNEGood? SNSD "The Boys" & Secret "Love is Move" MVs Review

This week, we reviewed SNSD's "The Boys" and Secret's "Love is Move". Review vlog link here. Extra footage here.

Final Verdict: "Secret has a good video. Everything is coherent, looks nice, matches, and their style is still the same."
"The Boys" Final Verdict: "This video has fallen into Super Junior video formula trap. It has great art direction for separate individual members and moments. However, SM has made a big mistake by randomly tossing those gorgeous scenes with modern sets with electro-pop music. Major disappoint."

T.S.AAV Notes: SNSD- "The Boys"

1. Music:
-Kor- they are trying to empower people, including random boys. Eng- we're amazing and awesome, and something having to do with boys agn. 
-TRX= Teddy Riley eXperience , changed to "Girls are back" for live performances2
-cheat rap=more like chanting, talking really fast
-tiffany's annoying autotune (come on, she can do better)
-chorus chant is really annoying and cheap, does not show off their past vocals
-but good "talent" distribution- gave the singing lines to the singing people, gave the (cheap) rapping lines to the not as good singers

-major disappoint! teasers expected a fairytale theme
-SNSD - looked like random stuff tossed together
-whats the point of the dove? no one can make sense out of it, but what im guessing is that their previous youthfulness is flying away?
-coherent components- rose petals, ball gowns, dove.

-FINALLY! their concept photos are wearing different outfits that match! sick of seeing them in uniform
-all hairstyles are great for once, except hyoyeon's one evil queen hairstyle
--especially sunny's short hair (hence disappoint when find out its wig)
-some snsd dresses are awful (tiffany's scale dress)
-wth sooyoung's orange cut sweater
-wth shoulder things (fuzz, feathers, hyoyeon butterfly, yuri wing thing,
-wth pleather next to suits next to ball gowns??? (and hyoyeon's velvet shorts???)
-wth seohyun/yuri's plain tuxes with those fancy half swimsuit half dresses
-wth taeyeon's repeated hairstyle derp shots- tied/untied for same sets, then 4:24 pink stuff is gone, lololol

-love the gorgeous slow-mo shots in the beginning, esp the bouncing flower potel and the flying dove- it all made sense and very well done
-love the silhouette shots - very cool
-annoying ass flow-mo shot
-annoying cubist dance backgrounds

-finally, return of a mostly difficult girl dance!!!
-nothing much to say except chorus and dance break looks cool
-lol ending pose=genie?

Rayestar Notes: Secret "Love is Move"

-American '80s retro
-more groovy than catchy
-Zinger's rapper voice isn't given credit
-lyrics: "girls are like reeds" (starting out wary, getting together, breaking up)
-lots of 'familiar' dance moves
-more dynamic than any previous dance
-Jieun's backup dancers XD
-Zinger's head bang can't be as hard because of her bun? XD
-blue, pink, and black o.o (and some white)
-Jieun's blue contacts
-Hyosung's belly
-Sunhwa's mesh clothing
-female backup dancers' pants D:
-Zinger's diaper!? and her heels!!!
-flashy lights everywhere (except Jieun)
-costumes match theme of sets
-Hyosung's mirrored set
-nail polish...
-less close shots of white costumes

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