Thursday, October 27, 2011

MVNEGood? JYJ "Get Out" MV Review

This week, we reviewed JYJ's "Get Out" MV. Review vlog link here. Extra footage here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "By far this is JYJ's most improved music video. The video's story seems rather shallow to me due the larger amount of relevant dance/singing shots."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "Better than Ayyy Girl by far, and it's simple and easy to understand without the dramatics.
T.S.AAV Notes:

-I'm not sure who they're talking to in the translated lyrics. At parts you have them asking "you" why "you" don't act like your in love w/ him anymore and to "piss off" if you're not interested, but the next couple lines, they're also telling "you" 
-loved Junsu's ending ad libs
-lol at the censor beeb
-cheering things during chorus… what?
-wtf thunder 

-range of videos: pure performance to pure storyline and in b/w. then those w/ nice blend of storyline/performance. 
-storyline: seems to fit exactly into the lyrics! a stranger is attaching himself to a woman who is clearly rejecting him while JYJ observe on all angst and stuff. for once, tho, the acting is good and they aren't cheesy about it- it seems real! im not sure when the lyrics match up, but I *think* at one point, JYJ is even singing "You kissed my girl" and at that moment the woman and the stranger are in an embrace and she knocks him away. 
-A blogger I follow pointed out that in this video, JYJ didn't send a vibe that they are a group of 3 guys. My reasoning is that all the visual components make them seem more like ONE person- same suits, same haircuts. NO shots in which they're interacting with each other. if you unfocus your eyes during the dance part, they all look the same AND, the two in the back have less lighting already. 
---most blatant proof of this is that when they're sitting in the car, they are taking each other's spots. 
-Random white people? At that point, Yoochun is singing to the stranger, but we get random white people? 

-Jaejoong's makeup makes him look like he's an alcoholic. Yoochun's haircut makes him look like my old 60-yr-old Chinese teacher. gross. 
-Only Junsu looked decent
-gringy urban feel via dark color scheme
-all wearing almost the same clothes
-during dance break Jaejoong is wearing a scaled shiny shirt whaaaaat

-the english signs were awkwardly and thinly placed. good because its not too interruptive like 2NE1's "Ugly" BUT, they stood out like a sore thumb and seemed like cheap additions to the set. 
-the link fences and the angle at which JYJ is shot at when they're behind it, really remind me of prostitutes behind bars, especially when jaejoong literally clutched it. very lady gaga.
-in 2011, ive only seen 2NE1 do walking solo shots, well its pretty cool that JYJ did it too, its a breath of relief from 
-whats wrong with the editors? they overused all. these. unnecessary. cuts. except for the ones that matched the speeding(?) drums
-2:25 so cool! yoochun is walking and then ZOOM it pans right and there's jaejoong. love solo switching shots like that. 
-Kara. This is how you do a separated dance break without making it a nasty cut. JYJ kept the color scheme - darkish with a tinge of color, so even tho the music has changed *sliiiightly* Also, there was an actual transition, both in the notes and the video (lots of fade in/outs in sync with the echoing "bye-bye-byes"). 
-but after the dance break was a major disappointment! 3:58 they did a short ver of the awful UKISS thing where you get awkward closeups in front of a plain background! it would have flowed better and been more epic if they had a fancyass shot of some guy beating up another guy or something relevant to the storyline or dance.

-poor jaejoong looks so awkward dancing in the center
-cant stop looking at the big backup dancer with weird hair and sunglasses
-im not sure about DBSK's history with dances, but this time it seems almost natural and freestyled to me. 

Rayestar Notes:

-lyrics: I'm done, no more second chances (don't even try), FUCK YOU
-picks up speed/volume, momentum
-too much Jaejoong
-nice Junsu voiceover
-English lines

-nothing special/outstanding
-flawless/interesting enough
-Miss Chiic thing
-4:05 dancer XD

-sexy but LOL Jaejoong
-all black suit and tie
-argh! Junsu's flappy thing!
-Jaejoong's arms covered, chest exposed
-hair goes up, up, up
-black theme

-red car
-flickering between members
-Jaejoong behind a fence
-shiny floor (black stands out)

-girl cheating with friend, denying (abusive relationship?)
-JYJ standing in light aura, mockery

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