Sunday, October 9, 2011

MVNEGood? Kyujong "Yesterday" MV Review

This week, we reviewed Kyujong's "Yesterday" MV. However, there were terrible technical difficulties so we left this message instead. We truly apologize for the three week delay. 

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "I think this is a good solo debut song, but the storyline is rather empty and there are a couple weird spots here and there in the video. however they're only noticeable if you're a crazy critic and willing to watch it objectively."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "Personally, I think Kyujong stands out more as a solo artist more than he ever could in the group SS501, where his voice was overshadowed by the stronger vocalists. Even now, though, Kyujong says he isn't aiming to compete or be compared to the other members. He just wants to make a decent debut, which he cleanly accomplished."
T.S.AAV Notes:

-love the piano and violin backing. 
-parts of chorus sounds like teen top's "clap" which is really weird to me
--does anyone remember that great big cut in 2NE1's Go Away? Dialogue cuts in the middle of a music video are usually not a good idea. However Go Away worked because there was a reason for the cut- a dramatic storyline transition to the bridge. in the beginning of Yesterday tho, he starts singing yesterday with instrumentals and the girl speaks. but THEN he sings yesterday and the instrumentals DROP for the next set of dialogue. wtf? in the intro don't start singing if you're gonna keep talking. and even if you do, keep the instrumentals so it doesn't sound nasty. 
-transition to the chorus is awkward and sometimes i didn't kno it was there

-storyline music videos that add an extra hint of meaning to the song are really enjoyable.
-song implies that his love interest and kujong had something going on "yesterday" and video shows that he tries to hit on her "yesterday" in the white dress and "today" she rejects him in the black dress. it also hints that the girl isnt into him because they're simply work partners and she's actually tortured about it "yesterday". 
-also, this is very very tiny, but kujong also spots her in the black car with someone else at 3:26. i think they should have developed that moment a little more because its not clear. 
-part of it means, "Stop" 
-lol the actress looks like Tia from Chocolat

-LOVE back to back shots- shows tension and conflict
-his tux has a ruffled collar wtf??? makes me think SS501 has this consistent "altered tux" clothing style *coff*Love Ya*coff*
-3:21 single tears in kpop music videos are touching and don't look as messy as american pop videos where they look ugly as hell. however, he has a single tear a 3/4 of the way into the video and its so invisible theres no point in having it at all...

-really resembles miss a's  "goodbye" with the circular platform and backstage props except x100
-LOL teen top's plane is there! xDD <-- 1:20
-everything is very very clean and new looking which is kind of weird and unnatural
-LUUURV the striped dance set and how it also turns dark with flashing lights.
-2:40 neat stripy back turns to rugged with a glowing zoom out. weird edit. 
-im glad the rolling camera is consistent but for a r&b song it becomes annoying if overused after a while. they should have sprinkled it throughout instead. and it was definitely not necessary at the very ending when they are standing side by side. BB Love Song was less cheesy becuz they were in a wide landscape with a lot of area to cover whereas "Yesterday" is in a very compact space. 

-suspenders…. if his video becomes super super famous, suspenders are going to be the next big fetish or meme after hip thrusts.
-"im good at handjobs"
-violin dance movements awesomeness

Rayestar Notes:

-lyrics: what a girl has done to a heartbroken man
-one verse? D:
-mission music, eerie 'yesterday'
-chance to shine solo
-beautiful synth BGM
-suspender dance!
-throwing jacket
-hand near crotch a couple of times
-not much otherwise
-suspenders, but no real fancy stuff
-simple white/black (even the sets)
-collar completely open
-three earrings, five rings
-brown hair
-filming set, dressing room
-white/black cars
-Kyujong's face usually shot from his left side
-girl's dress(es)
-that one flashing color room
-girl wants to break up
-Kyujong discards gift in trash can
-girl pushes away every time he tries to reach out to her
-gift picked up, guilt?

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