Thursday, October 20, 2011

MVNEGood? Brown Eyed Girls "Sixth Sense" MV Review

This week, we reviewed Brown Eyed Girls "Sixth Sense" MV. Review vlog link here. Bloopers here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "Artistically, I think this video (and the song) is very well done. Great symbolism, art direction, costumes, set, etc. The only issue I have, is the fact that this is highly highly manufactured to imitate a Western MV. Nothing wrong with that, it just sort of raises the question of whether or not, then, all those protest songs from America and Europe actually mean anything anymore if an entertainment company can just produce one. "
Rayestar Final Verdict: "I wonder what the budget was for the video. The music video itself was great in terms of symbolism and overall visual, but the comeback itself is clearly lacking both music and dancing."
T.S.AAV Notes:

1. Music
-very jazzy (black panther/cat + spotlights)
-damn jea, then gain+narsha high notes!!! unfortunately, before everyone says its all amazing and junk, the studio version, both notes are the same, yet in the live performances, Gain+Narsha is way, way higher. It also grates on your ears and seems like they're imitating sopranos in but very thin.
-English isn't too great. And fanboys, Gain is not saying "bitch bitch", its actually "bichi bichi", somewhere in the line that means "My eyes that arouse you even from far away".
-"Miaows" sound rather out of place if not for Narsha crawling around and the black cat
-can see a Sixth Sense theme with the black cat and semi-haunted mansion, but what does it really have to do with the song?
-Wow Spanish O.OOO
2. Video
-another storyline video!!
-THIS is a video that would work in an American debut! Ignoring the song, it has all the criteria for an idealized female American MV- rebellion, tasteful sexiness, protest signs, feminist themes.
-rather confusing sooo…
-quick interpretations:
-What happened at the bridge? so miryo flings the golden mask, the soldiers charge at the masked man, who attacks them with water hoses while BEG are trying to break out of their traps (except narsha… no idea what she's doing), then the soldiers are on the opposite side again, and now they charge towards BEG. like abracadabra, it cuts off right when the action is going to happen.
3. Visual
-smokey eyeshadow expected and great. gain's bruised makeup?
-What happened to Narsha??? -eyeliner ABOVE her eyelid makes her catlike (makes sense since she's the one crawling in the litter box thing) -hair makes her look like jea -back strapless SPIKED bra (unsure)
-LUB LUB LUB miryo's hair. much better than abracadabra
-"Art is Resistance" website -> posters**
--**Posters quotes:
--exhausted we sang songs told stories and laid brick <-also the backup dancer stencil sprayed that to wall
--in a world meant to break our hearts
--i remember spelling out our own private resistance
--you have a voice now what are you going to use it
--feel watch plus + sixth sense
--His Hi've e is it S
-filled in Jewish star or 6-point star <--also jewish star is on narsha's wrist in her own trap, wonder
-everything is controlled and no derps allowed
--whoo hoo goes from daytime to night again, like shinee's replay and many others i cant remember. why do pop videos do that? why cant there be one that starts at night and goes into daytime? 
4. Set/Shots
-gain's double self opening shot just amazing
-Reminds me of Mirotic-trapped in a building, break out during high note. Overpowering their captor. Revealing clothes. Except more extreme.
--First thought of them trapped- Mirotic but more real. Yup. Water Jea-Changmin. Tied Gain-Yunho. Random non-trapped Narsha- Random non-trapped Junsu. Mic chains Miryo- jaejoong.
-individual trap sets, wide lawn thing 
-shaking camera during the violent charging during the high notes+bridge is awesome timing 
-yo kyujong- this wide dance stage is the time to use wild and wide cameras shots.
-4:10 love the moment when narsha is framed perfectly by her flashing light boxes and then blends right into jea whose posed and framed EXACTLY the same. gorgeous like they moved into each other
-have a feeling this the wide lawn scene was shot out of sync cause the soldiers are placed forward and backwards before miryo's rap
-why is jea the only one raining?
-loved the matching zoom ins that gain had in her first line and miry had in the rap
5. Dance
-unfortunately, nothing as memorable as abracadabra or sign (and sign didn't even have the dance in the video) 
-ill include this in the dance section- but the soldiers in the beginning are more like a marching band, esp when drumming in their shields. awesome.

Rayestar Notes:

-lyrics: don't try to tame me, just lie and wait as I charm you with the sixth sense???
-classical strings background music, emphasize emotion (almost like a movie), wild action
-'bitch' XD (bichi)
-Narsha/Ga-in high notes
-not much real dancing
-only interesting point is the almost-spread legs
-nice body wave
-epic eye makeup (especially Miryo's and Ga-in's)
-Miryo's flipped(?) hairstyle
-Ga-in the only one with black hair
-only two costumes for entire video
-all chained except Narsha
-only one dance set (grass field)
-a /lot/ of Ga-in close-up shots
-Miryo especially stoic face
Officially Released Interpretation:
-rebellion against the order (V for Vendetta, anyone?)
-being observed theme (camera, lights, mics)
-Miryo: being forced to deliver the message
-Jea: sacrifice, leads rebellion
-Narsha: 6th sense, instinct
-Ga-in: resistance (deceased boyfriend was revolutionary, wore jacket and was accused of treachery)
-everything was in vain

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