Thursday, September 29, 2011

MVNEGood? KARA "Step" MV Review

This week, we reviewed KARA's "Step" MV. Review vlog link here. Bloopers here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "It's a decent music video, nothing too amazing, nothing too horrible. The colorful art direction and scheme matches the music, which I like."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "It's awesome that KARA's finally dancing, but unfortunately, that's about the only thing that's great, because their music hasn't improved any. However, this is what defines KARA, so their comeback will more likely than not continue to boost their popularity."
T.S.AAV Notes:
-another rave song. but this time i like it because the video+music+lyrics match!
-they're gonna be better/stronger, you be better/stronger, in a sense "gain confidence/believe in self"
-parts of the chorus sounds thin
-bridge awkward and ending too abrupt
-heavy on the synths in background

-YES no high heels!!!
-80s retro/hippie clothes? veeery bright
-hara's shirt o.O vey daring
-hara's mascara o.O -> victoria in chocolate MV and hyuna in bubble MV :3
-SEUNGYEON laceup ripped pants
-mr taxi outfits?
~0:17 white room, obviously far away from back, but nice that each member perfectly lines up in each square. 
-also that room, each time return to it, the lighting is different- green, purple, very cool I WANT LIGHT COLOR GELS 
-lighting in the white room is good BUT it doesn't fit with rest of video. 
-the bridge didn't visually match the rest of video, but it matched the flow of the song
~standard rave party camera shots
-billboards not good enough
-bridge cuts too sharp. this part shots could have been more dynamic. love the lighting too. i want that halo! 

-wondergirls mic pole?
-pumping less awkward and forced than 2pm hands up. 
-random break dancing!!!

Rayestar Notes:

-techno, DDR-like
-'la la la' lines like in Mister
-song is standard Kara shortness (nothing ever reching four minutes)
-sucky-ass lines (too short, Kara even sings in the same order for each verse)
-chorus is too long and too freaking unison
-really weird bridge
-lyrics: I'm over it! Move on!

-actual 'real' dance! (mic dancing)
-Hara's Nobody pose much? :P
-impressed with change (especially after Jumping)
-no moves seem to stand out, though

-Hara/Nicole's cool pants
-Nicole looks darker than others? (hair also longer than usual)
-in fact, everyone's hair looks way too long and fake
-wtf at Jiyoung's stringy costume
-then Nicole's asymmetrical pants :/
-Hara's pink criss-crossy top is too overboard, gurl...
-why always yellow/black?
-random dresses
-Nicole's arm band O.o

-multi-color tiles
-super freaking close shots of faces
-yellow/pink stands out
-lots of Hara in the middle

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