Thursday, September 22, 2011

MVNEGood? U-KISS "Neverland" MV Review

This week, we reviewed U-KISS's "Neverland" MV. Review vlog link here. Bloopers here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "This is inarguably U-KISS's best music video, dance, and song so far. No cheesiness, no failed Engrish or manbras. However, big flaw- unless you're a hardcore delusional Kissme, there wont be anything else interesting for you to rewatch a year from now due to lack of interesting content."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "Definitely their strongest song and dance yet, and it's been ranking high on the charts. Too bad this heavily implies that it too Alexander and Kibum leaving the group to make them better, but hopefully U-KISS will be able to win their first first-place award soon. They deserve it."
T.S.AAV Notes and Extra Review:
-luring a girl into a fairytale world to stay young and dance
-for once i will actually check out their album
-nice touches of autotune, bass line, and im really digging AJ's deep voice. 
-awkward english. Dongho' half-english/korean line wtf <-- i don't like those kinds. just keep the phrases separateds
-clever concept but don't like.
-ONLY dance+solo cutaways. and all the solo cutaways are singing shots :/
-except opening DJ sequence, UKISS ice cube, 
-during dongho rap looked like binguel binguel shirtless scene
-use of snow in replace of rain to make them appear sweaty-sexy
-matches the lyrics, esp fantasy/fairytale part
-heavy reddish/blue color scheme (like mblaq "Y") 
-just the right amount of heavy eye shadow
-sleeveless in snow=fantasy
-lots of shakiness, but mostly front/overhead shots so not very interesting. boring.
-goddammit dongho away with the bowl cut please!!! and eli lay off the eye shadow. you're about as good-looking as 2pm with it D:
-why is soohyun the only with the angry derp 
-kevin pointed out on twitter its their hardest dance. irony. 
-BUT the video *only* shows the parts that are "cool"- in live performances, you see more standing/singing
-lots of arm and upper body movement. arm-shifting record-player is aaawwkward. if i try to cover- the running kick after the sprinkler is also going to be awkward. 
-1st chorus eli looks hella awkward. angry soohyun is awkward

Rayestar Notes:

-lyrics: like Peter Pan (take my hand, let's fly, forever young)
-decent line distribution! Kiseop gets three!!!
-clubbing song, mention of DJ (as a third person, oddly enough)
-heavy techno/auto-tune
-chorus seems slow compared to verses
-most dynamic dance yet
-weird jumping like Bingeul Bingeul
-throwing arms around funny?
-falling down
-intense dance break
-no backup dancers until the end
-silvery/black clothes theme
-no one's hairstyle really changes, maybe just the color (Soohyun/Dongho look the same)
-Kiseop/Yesung hair XD
-Kevin heavy eye makeup
-Dongho/Hoon string thingy costume
-Kevin's similar hair to RDR Jessica
-snowy set, time does not pass
-DJ playing record
-more dance shots than not (except rap)
-icy set color scheme is like B2ST's Shock
-Kevin/Onew finger condition (and he has abs, but no arms?)
-white clothes in water!? D:

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