Sunday, September 25, 2011

Infinite - Paradise MV Review

T.S.AAV Review Only. Look forward to my vlog version.

-To quote a YouTube comment: For those of you who want to know what the MV means... basically the boys have well, died, and this girl is still waiting for them. They're begging her to move on or accept it. The train represents the journey to Paradise, and at the end, she walks out of the house, basically saying, goodbye. and thats why when she looks back L's not there.
>Lovely interpretation, thank you. 
-I REALLY love the song. I don't really like the video. This kind of gives away my age, but the chorus really reminds me of Pokemon. You know that really old 1st episode in the original english dub Pokemon anime, when Ash is rescuing Pikachu for the 1st time in the rain…. this sounds like it. A lot. 
-It's really high tho, I wonder if they'll be able to hit it live. Nonetheless, Im really beginning to love their 90s pop music style.
-Sungyeol and Sungjong still have the least lines, but when Sungyeol is singing... you see the girl more clearly than him, whereas you see Sungjong singing + closeup...
-The flashing lights inside the bus goes with the beat and Also makes it appear that they are moving.
-Inside the house, its also great that each time she passes by a member, he's initially in the dark or on the floor (in Sungjong's scene, I like to think that under the cloth is actually his body and the one sitting is his ghost)
-One thing that really urks me about Infinite is that they tend to look the same- their hairstyles are either slicked up/back or bangs swept to one side. This also happened in their other videos, which is why it's so hard for me to distinguish them apart. Which is ridiculous cause Super Junior, which has 13-15 members still manages to look completely different from each other.

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