Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U-KISS "Neverland" MV Review

 Can't help it… I need to do a mini-review of U-KISS "Neverland".
I'm really starting to enjoy AJ's deep English singing voice… anyways…
First thing- I think people should look up translations before they pass off the MV as making no sense. Unless its for SM's boy groups- their dance MVs are pretty much meaningless. But otherwise, most other companies with fewer groups to invest in, invest in creativity and it works.
So, back to "Neverland." More under the cut.
So, back to "Neverland." Had no idea what it meant until looked up the lyrics. Then the set and the clothing make sense. See, they're referencing Peter Pan's Neverland, a kind of fairy tale land, with the "let's stay forever young" all over the place, and the autotuned "fly" line. The fairy tale idea ties into the "money-love-fashion-fame" thing, too- an idealistic world. Of course, the comments about dancing/partying make no sense whatsoever.
What does that have to do with the set and clothes? See, they're wearing lots of bling (money-fashion), there's the crystal-encrusted DJ stand, the U-KISS ice sign is melting...
But most of all- its snowing and they're sleeveless. Usually, when its snowing you're friggin' cold. But since they're sleeveless, it implies that there's some surreal or mgaical element in the scenery. More fairytale.
Oh and the sky is awful… looks like they recycled SHINee's Ring Ding Dong matte background, but at least there's no car :D At 1:51 and other outside snow shouts, you can even see where the wallpaper meets.
And while the outside snow set makes sense, the barn house (warehouse?) building doesn't. The set also makes me thing of a Europop song that has to do with winter…

But hey, Snow is the new Rain! Y'know why? Rather than looking sweaty sexy drenched in the rain, now U-KISS is trying a different route to sweaty sexy by being caught in the snow- totally explains their sweaty appearance xD
Speaking of the red orange hue earlier, after a couple rewatches, I noticed two main color themes- blue and red orange. Made me think of the lighting used in GD's Heartbreaker.
Edit: realized it after observing the ice ukiss sign- red orange= fire, blue= ice, and relates to the fantasy setting.
And I'm totally lolling what you see during the hook before the dance break- resembles the Binguel Binguel room when they're all shirtless and glowing xD
Too be honest, the only shots I like was the DJ in the beginning and the moment when everyone fell to the floor. (And Kevin followed by singing "And. That. Was. Su.Per. Du.Per. Derp. Oh. No. Ya. Saw. Fly. [Fly]")

About singing- I don't like the autotune, but at least its not as bad as Man Man Ha Ni or Binguel Binguel. I'm really starting to like AJ's deep voice o.o Dongho's English is crap, but like Hyuna singing the "Bubble Pop" line, his accent when singing "…stay forever young…" seems kinda nice. Eli… you poor thing… your lines sound awful and I think they keep getting worse. Yay Kiseop got more lines!
About the dance- Lol at the record-player arm shifting part. I like the part when everyone collapses. It's much better than their other "manly" dances. But when they did the open bow thing to Soohyun, thought it was a little weird. And I swear I recognize the spin with two fists up move from sooomewhere.
About the boys- Kevin… wow. His hair/makeup looked like Juliette Key BUT he actually looks GOOD. Like seriously GOOD. Really, I'm thinking there's so many other dudes who pull off the blond thing instead of SHINee. Kiseop, too, was hella hot, but thats expected. (He also resembled Infinite's maknae in some profile shots) Hoon, Soohyun, and Eli have the most derp faces, in fact, I think all their non-solo shots looked preeetty derpy. They wore lots of guyliner, too, but it wasn't as bad as 2PM, thank god. Oh and that ending shot when you can kinda see through their white pants and another set of white shorts underneath… bad things to wear when standing above water.

All in all? Your average Kpop dance video with solo cutaways. (Rotfl, I'm loving Linzerdinzer's line.) But interesting attempt to use sexy snow instead of sexy rain. (No pun intended… damn Rain). I am, though, going to try covering the dance… once I get through "Bad Apple"… "Love Like Oxygen"… "Into the New World"… "Shock"… "Before the Dawn"… dear goodness...

I made two mini-reviews, a video review and a dance review[TBA link].

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