Monday, August 29, 2011

MVNEGood? HyunA "Bubble Pop" Review

This week we reviewed HyunA's Bubble Pop. Review vlog here.

Rayestar Final verdict: "The song is really simplistic, although there are suggestive themes. Hyuna doesn't have a lot of quality to this video."
T.S.AAV Final verdict: "It is good if you want cute erotic material. It is subpar in comparison to her other solo, Change, however."
T.S.AAV Notes-

- sounded cute except for the sighs
- accent was actually ok compared to the crap she sings for 4minute.
- the voiceover at 3:01 sounds too good to have been done by her
- at least the part where she is worried matches with her worried(?) expression when humping the back up dancer
- despite how fappy this was- its still "cute" in some areas- especially the text and her interaction with joon. the best scene was her pushing joon into the pool.
- the beginning jiggly part was ok BUT when it went to the dubsteb part, you actually saw her thigh fat jiggling and that was so disturbing
- cant help compare the VIDEO to the boss love bingo (fake sky, beach, clumps of backup dancers dancing)
- looks like ganguro girl
-it looked better than "blow your mind" in mr simple. at least it actually makes sense in context
- backup dancer at 0:49 needs to shave her armpits
- good cuz usually pop only 1 or 2 "dance" outfits but each chorus is different
- her outfit in the red room looked disastrous- her makeup made her look like victoria in the chocolate CF
-comic scenes looked like Key's background for My First Kiss
- well their both the dumb sexy types in pop
- dustep ruined the cute sexy combo
- to be honest the part where she's popping her butt is hard because you would look really UGLY doing it.

1. Music: -fun, easygoing (like at the beach)
-song for the summer
-better sounding than rapping (but still not great)
-pretty plain song
-dubstep was interesting
-arrogant words (popping the guy's bubble/mostly "bubble pop").
2. Dance
-"bubble pop" dancing is good
-getting on the floor (Hyuna's trademark?)
-implied undressing (like Rainbow's A)
3. Visual
-several different costumes/settings (at least ten), unusual
-orange dress, striped socks, heels (and hole)
-wtf cameo by Joon
4. Set/Shots
-first thing
- big giant car
-cleavage shots (freaking wannabe slut...)
-doesn't even look Asian anyway (see HuH)
-several settings (beach was nice/a little unique)
-cartoon-y stuff (whoopee?)
-jiggly fat? *shiver*

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