Monday, August 22, 2011

MVNEGood? - Super Junior "Mr Simple" Review

This week, we reviewed Super Junior's "Mr Simple" MV. Review vlog link here.

Unfortunately, this week, we lost a lot of the more important footage that would have gone into the review. So you can read them here.

T.S.AAV Final Verdict: "It's not that good. It's just Sorry Sorry and Bonamana with color. At least it makes sense though- it's a simple song, with a simple dance video, with simplified guys."
Rayestar Final Verdict: "The song is very Super Junior. It may be Sorry Sorry and Bonamana with color, but Super Junior looks and sounds like they've always been. The upside to Mr Simple is that their concept has changed to be more complexed through its ironic meaning. It's not really simple."

T.S.AAV Notes:
-styled like sorry sorry and bonamana, except with colors this time
-Eunhyuk seems to stand out: the coolest shots are focused on him (backwards shirt + dance break + 2:66), majorly blonde hair,
-colorful BDSM ropes and a dance room that looks like a cage?
-Heechul has attitude- the look he gives Kyuhyun in the very beginning, his different dance at 3:07
-sounds like rave/party song. the translation is telling pple to chillax and party (rave). obviously they're kiiinda partying in the video.
 -very basic pop dance moves: hand shake (looks like something 4MINUTE would have), mirotic hand under chin, zombie walk, scooter
-4MINUTE "I My Me Mine" cube dance background?
-WTH does "Naughty naughty" and "SJ Call" have anything to do with anything?

Rayestar Notes:
-long chorus
-nonsensical dda's like Sorry Sorry/Bonamana
-Kyuhyun begins
-usually Siwon or Donghae, but they're still in the first verse
-broke Ryeowook/Sungmin usual paired lines
-Yesung sang earlier than normal
-Eunhyuk/Sungmin lines paired together reminds me of Too Perfect
-Eunhyuk's singing voice!
-wtf Leeteuk rapping!?
-music bridge keeps main vocalists
-slightly more variety verse-wise than Bonamana (which kind of followed Sorry Sorry)
-misleading opening ("Because I naughty naughty")
-being simple, you are what you are, things happen like they happen
-don't waste energy and time stressing
-not necessarily aimed towards women (mentions men/kids)

 -platinum blond Eunhyuk, nice ornament (but his socks! D:)
-bowlcut Shindong
-same Yesung
-golden brown Kyuhyun
-Sungmin samurai!
-wtf Leeteuk's slicked hair! (like a vegetable waiting to be harvested)
-Heechul with shades (usually Eunhyuk)

-really bright theme, recurring reflective surface (makes everything look big)
-flashy back wall
-Siwon gets first shot
-all members flash before dance break
-individual singing shots distributed evenly
-but eunsihae never too far from front or center
-either face of the group or the good dancers
-Shindong does get front and center! (as does Leeteuk) even if briefly
-color mv! with minimal CG graphics (unlike last two black/white mvs)
-but no apparent color scheme

-own backup dancers, lots of walking around (as usual)
-ugly dance move!
-a little boring/simple (ignore the pun)
-but good synching for such simple moves
-Yesung's awkward walking at music bridge (doesn't even go all the way down the line)
-lazy Heechul style
-Sungmin replaced Shindong at dance break

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