Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cover a Dance and Win a Trip to Korea! [Update]

Update: The new deadline is August 28 so you have more time now!
I will commence to shameless promotion:
There is a Coverdance Festival for people to cover Kpop dances and win a trip to Korea to meet the idols, do a final competition at Music Core, Music Bank, and Inkigayo, and tour.
I've uploaded a couple covers myself in half hopes to at least make it into the regionals. SO!
Please click the links below for my covers and...

Lunar☆ Covers: SHINee Lucifer and Lucifer/Ring Ding Dong Remix and SNSD Oh! 
T.S.AAV Covers: SHINee Lucifer Trio Solo and Miss A Bad Girl Good Girl
... sign up using the Korean site (don't wait for an email activation link), log back in, and click "Good" for my covers! Make sure there is no blank pop up or it won't count.
If you also want to support me- you can make multiple accounts to vote again, comment, and also tell all your friends to come support my team (Lunar☆)and me (T.S.AAV).
I'm promoting this on every internet thing I have- DeviantArt, Livejournal, Facebook... so if somehow you miss this blog entry, you can still find it on my other accounts. (Pointless sentence is pointless)

Thank you!

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