Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 15 Played Songs of 2015

This is a quick summary of the top 10 songs I played in 2015. I have other plans for "2015 Review" type posts or videos, but they'll be coming soon/eventually. Note: not all the songs are from 2015- they just happened to be ones that I played.

1. Exo- El Dorado (2015)
I admit this is a guilty pleaser. The bridge, chorus, rap all blends together amazingly, a pleasant surprise since the original trailer in 2012. Bonus awesome dance that I eventually plan on covering.

2. SHINee - Breaking News (2013)
An oldie but a goodie. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to the full song. Another great dance.

3. Infinite - I Like You (2012)
Although I prefer upbeat, dubstep, and/or metal songs, there's something about specific Infinite or SHINee calm songs that still manage to be catchy or have a great melody to me.

4. Exo - Let Out the Beast (2013)
I'm feeling weird that there's multiple Exo songs on this list, but this one has an awesome beat, awesome vocals, awesome bridge. I also can't decide if I like the M or K version better- yes I played this actual split headset version on repeat.

5. After School - Flashback (2013)
The moment I heard the melody and beat, I was hooked. The moment I heard the dance break, I was sold. The dance itself floored me. Also, four for you, Raina, you go Raina.

6. SNSD - Catch Me If You Can (2015)
I listened to the Korean version (without Jessica) more, but I'm using this link because I'm just fond of the full dance. Awesome bridge, awesome dance break, awesome beat, and somehow they managed to make army pants look hot.

7. Yuzuki Yukari - Swallowtail On The Spider'z Net
Guilty pleasure- I listen to Vocaloids. I discovered her when I was looking up Vocaloid dances and cosplays. This one kept playing over and over again in my general playlist.

8. Vocaloid - Tengaku Yo (2012)

9. Yuzuki Yukari - Nightmare Theatre (2012?)

10. SHINee - Run With Me (2013)

11. Infinite - Shower (2014)

12.  Within Temptation - Stand My Ground (2006)
Surprise! When not listening to pop/dubstep, I listen to metal. I can't believe how old this is and that I still listen to it to this day.

13. SHINee - Fire (2013)

14. After School - First Love (2013)
I will admit; I liked this song originally just for the dance. And then it just wouldn't stop replaying. Kudos in that I actually took several pole dance workshops in order to do this one day.

15. Nightwish - Storytime (2011)

Bonus! Top repeated songs but purely to practice for dance covers. That list belongs to (in alphabetical order):

Miku Hatsune - Rotten Heresy & Chocolate
Orange Caramel - Catallena
SHINee - Evil
SHINee- Married to the Music
SHINee- Ring Ding Dong
SNSD - Into the New World
SNSD - Mr Mr
Teen Top - Rocking

Looking back, I'm not surprised at how many Vocaloid songs I was listening to- 2015 was a big year for Kpop "hip hop" of the non-electric kind, especially for rookie groups (lookin' at you- BTS, AOA, EXID), and a big factor to repeat songs for me is how upbeat and dance-able the song is. Thus, I totally fell back into the Odottemita (translated: "I tried to dance") scene, which pulls from a lot of Vocaloid or Jpop songs.

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