Saturday, November 7, 2015

What Not To Do For Job Interviews

An interview is one of the key components of landing a new job. The preparation for it can be daunting, but with enough practice, you can have a higher chance of landing the position. Here's a list of the top 5 things you should definitely avoid for a job interview:

1. Don't know anything about the company: It tells the employer you haven't done your research on either the company or the position and that you don't care.

2. Haven't practice any of the questions- or asking questions: The only way to be confident when the hiring manager asks you questions (especially trick questions) is to practice good answers (and good questions) beforehand.

3. Don't have a proper resume/cover letter: Think of your resume as an attention grabber and the solid evidence of your mere existence to your employer. You should definitely avoid poor presentation, grammar, spelling, and descriptions.

4. Late or messy attire: There's nothing more despicable to a hiring manager than a potential employee being late or looking unprofessional. I highly recommend a suit for both men and women if you can't think of anything else to wear.

5. Don't downgrade previous employers or yourself: There will be trick questions that tells the hiring manager that your skills are not qualified, that you may not be trustworthy or worth hiring, and that you would not be a pleasant coworker to be around.

In the meantime, here are things I've personally found that you should do at minimum: Google common interview questions. Rehearse with a friend, or at least a mirror, to memorize what you're going to say and how you're going to say it- body language matters! Bring extra copies of your resume and a notepad. It is okay to write down the questions that you're going to ask the employer. Get rest, arrive early, and do some relaxation breathing before the interview.

This may be some harsh information, but, speaking from personal experience, it is reality. Here are some more information that saved me when I was researching and practicing for job interviews:

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