Friday, July 24, 2015

(Youtube) Time Capsule 2015-2020

From now (2015) to 2020 is going to be a lot of time and a lot of things can happen. Well, since 2013, a lot as changed as well. So this is a clip based off from something I created back in 2013.

The transcript: Now with the most chaotic finals exams season I've ever experienced over, I now realize how much time I've spent in Europe and how little time I've got left. Tomorrow I'm gonna be flying back to the US and i was looking at a bunch of youtube videos. I thought it'd be cool to follow the trend of doing video time capsules. I dont know if i'll have time to shoot a full video, so here's an audio version for my tumblr peeps.

The questions that I asked:

Well, Resa in 2020, or whatever you're calling yourself now...
What did you accomplish?
What changed?
Did any big or lucky things happened?
Did Y get into grad school?
 What college is A going to? Omg he's going to college.
Has Jane come back to the US yet?
Are you still vlogging/making videos and art? Or at least in a tech or well-paying company?
Do you keep in touch with your friends back in UK, college, high school, conventions? In these years, have you at all spoken with M or C?
Is R still angry at you? I hope you two became mature enough to make up.
Did you ever get a consensual significant other(s)?
How popular are Google glasses now. Are there flying cars yet?
Can you speak, read, and write Chinese or Japanese yet?
Have you been to Japan or Korea yet?
Have there been cures... to any diseases that you relate to? How's your health and habits? Are you better?
I hope you are... and I also hope that in 2020, you and the rest of the world, are still alive. No global warming or epidemic apocalypse yet.

See you in 2020.

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