Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fanime 2015 Con Report

One month later, I'm finally writing a con report for Fanime 2015.
The reason it took so long is because I was trying to compile visual media for the post. No substantial amount of media has been access yet, so I'll write one anyways and update when they finally crawl out of photographers' SIM cards. In summary, I would say this one was definitely the least fabulous Fanime I've been to. I will simply skim over the bad stuff that happened and try to focus on the happy bits.

Day Zero: Thursday
Very very bad transportation issues that will be a very long story. I stayed in the Fairmont so it was hecka fancy!

Day One: Friday
I spent most of this day staffing, fixing cosplays, and rehearsing for Fanimaid performances.

Day Two: Saturday
Started off with Fanimaid!Live. I was in:
Then it was my actual shift and I was actually much less nervous than last year? Not particularly exciting but way less embarrassing than last year so I was pretty happy about that. Unfortunately, I did experience some asshole creepy customers (including one serious creep that followed after my shift). I prefer to erase them from memory. However, walking after my shift, some fellow department staff & I encountered a sexual harassment case. It was dealt with through security and we can only hope all the other victims will be okay.

Day Three: Sunday
Oh man. This day was hectic. First the Black Butler gathering got shafted all over the place. The mini horror stories are on the internet and you can check those out for yourself. Then there was Fanimaid Cafe drama. Just, drama that was not cool. I also unfortunately twisted my ankle in the middle of my shift. Then I had to change out of my maid uniform back into Grell to go to the Cosplay Chess panel. Minus the disasters, the Chess panel was probably the highlight of my entire weekend. Hopefully there's footage around, but despite mistakes, femme!Grell was #Fab. Later on, I was too tired to accomplish anything else and I will not recount the other creepy incident that occurred within my own hotel room.

Day Four: Monday
Once again, I spent the rest of the con staffing.

General Summary:
I think this is probably the worst least satisfying anime convention I've been to (half-way followed by WonderCon in 2009). The main culprits: lack of practice for multiple things, conflicting staffing schedules, photoshoot/video project mishaps, missing out on potential events, and really really bad creepy guys. I definitely was not prepared for the last issue because it's never happened to me before at cons, whereas the other issues I've experienced splatters of in the past.

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