Thursday, April 23, 2015

Resa Reacts - Hithchiker's "Eleven" MV

I'm not a fan of music video reaction videos because it's simply not offering much info, but I wanted to slap out something about Kpop after writing soooo many unpublished reviews (really, I have about 101 published posts here and 68 drafts in the background of Kpop MV reviews... probably never to be finished).
So here you go, my first reaction video! (And not planning on making more of these).

As I stated, in the video, here are my theories about WTF is going on in the MV (both SM's & Original version)
Resa's Theories:

1. This scene at Original 0:42 and SM ver 0:42.
Click [link] to view larger.
My favorite personal theory is that this is symbolism for how pop music is produced. The producer/songwriter/etc (Hitchhiker) puts the music in the idols and the idols (SM) spit it out. This happens multiple times throughout the videos of course and it raises interesting commentary on the factory production process of the idol pop industry. The kids that are being beaten on may also be representative of the fact that these idols often begin training at really young ages.

2. All the random locations are where Hitchhiker's music is reaching whether you realize it or not- saturated in the public, etc. In particular, parodying the reused sets(not unique to Kpop- it's notorious throughout Hollywood as well) and dance box videos (which SM is known for). I mean you don't include useless Michael Bay-style explosions without the intention parodying something.

3. Of course, it also parodies the tightly woven and oft popular dances in Kpop (break dancing, hip hop, sexy dancing, etc). And the concerts (crazyass audiences and flash mobs). That factor is further heightened by the random ~Origin of Hitchhiker Story~ on the same Youtube channel.

4. As for the lyrics and what the song in general means? As stated in my reaction vid, I have no clue and I'm not going to try because I think he was going for just plain old English gibberish in the first place.

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