Monday, February 16, 2015

How To: Easy Homemade "Latte"-Style Coffee

What my best-thus-far homemade latte looked like.
A latte is officially defined as "steamed milk and espresso". However, I designed a method so you can make a latte-style coffee right in your own home with a regular coffee maker and a microwave! I will add much better pictures and a video soon.
Note: espresso is highly compressed beans and this recipe merely imitates it so if you want, you can get espresso beans and just replace instead.

Basic Ingredients & Equipment:
-ground coffee beans (or espresso beans)
-milk (preferably nonfat or 2%)
-coffee maker with filter
-microwavable cup(s)

There are 3 different steps to this:

A. Making the "espresso"-esque coffee:
     -Put enough ground coffee in the filter for the number of cups you want. (See your coffee maker's instructions)
     -Pour water into the reservoir, but actually less than what the instructions say. Supposedly, this will imitate the espresso by making more "compressed".
Pics from my 2nd trial.
B. Making the steamed milk
     -Shake the milk that you have as hard as you can in whatever container that you want (recommended- the original carton so you have a handle and don't spill).
     -As fast as possible, pour it into a microwavable cup without covering it and microwave it for about 30 seconds to stabilize the foam.
I used a bottle my 1st trial; do not use just some cup with a lid.
C. Finish it off!
     -Pour a portion of the finished coffee (baristas usually make it about 1/4 espresso, 3/4 milk+milk foam).
     -Hold back the foam with a spoon and pour the liquid milk into the coffee, mix it, and then scoop the foam on top of the drink!
     -If you have some syrup, you can add it before the milk, but that will be it. Enjoy!
I've had much more successful attempts in 2015 when I got a milk frother!


My latest 2015 trial with a milk frother.
= = =
*Note: pictures from various trials.

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