Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Cooking Progress and Commentary Vlog

So as you know. This year I'm living in a dorm, and, unlike American dorms, this British university doesn't include meal plans SO we have to learn to cook by ourselves. I've literally never cooked before coming here, so my parents had to give me a crash course and hope i'm doing alright. 
Of which is a yes and no.

Last semester, of course, was 100% experimentation. I fried chicken once really well, but never did it again. I learned to boil veggie-meat soup things, which was basically my diet for the first couple weeks. I kept screwing up boiling pasta (and it wasn't the first time, either, i constantly failed back home) until I finally figured out the heat was too high after the gazillionth fail. But my favoritest thing was figuring out how to stir-fry [ON MY FRICKIN OWN! HA! Without a cookbook!] by accident. And then my experimentation took off from there.

Unfortunately, upon return from Christmas vacation I had all sorts of technical issues, grocery stores were low on stuff I knew how to cook because of the cold and the snow (really, Britain has a serious issue with not enough imports), etc. Then I got busy, so this was what I was eating for the past couple weeks. 

Anyways, so this vlog is me showing how I cook egg fried rice. Finally got an opportunity to shoot it. It's not really a tutorial/how to cause I'm not a chef, so I'm just making pointers and comments here and there.

Here's a link to more food that I've cooked last semester:

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  1. This is a surprise. I like to know to keep an eye on things like this.