Saturday, April 20, 2013

UEA Norfolk Terrace Tour

So I'm living on the campus residence/dorm called Norfolk Terrace at UEA and I've finally finally finally made a small video giving a mini-tour of my flat!

This is the floorplan that I sorta drew out because UEA decided not to provide one for some reason.. To clear up the "L" and "zigzag" thing, basically, it looks like this:
Drawing not to scale!
     Basically, I took you around in this order- starting with the entrance at #1, going into the first hallway, or shorter end of the "L" at #2, kitchen at #3, second hallway or longer leg of the "L" at #4, the bathrooms at #5, and then I walked all the way back to the yellow dot with a red arrow where my room is.
     In case you're wondering what my room looks like, this is more information and the following floor plan:
I live in room B.
And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this video or found it useful.


  1. thanks for this video! It was really helpful as I am going there this year! But could you help me decipher my room please? This is what my thing says Ntd0310. Thanks! -Puna

    1. Sorry about the super delayed reply! And you probably already got a tour and info from your RA by now.
      But that basically means "Norfolk Terrace, flat 3, room 10"