Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Google Search

I found something interesting. Recently, rewatched Kevjumba's "is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler" video, re-Googled "is Ke" and the first thing that popped without even finish typing kevjumba was that phrase.
Then I wondered what other "is ___" autoresults are likely to pop up.
Of course, nothing about me or any of my other favorite vloggers, bloggers, etc. showed up. So some other results I found very, very interesting.
WARNING: There are 45 screenshots, so its a lot of image loading and some wacky placements. Click to enlarge.

The surprises
can you believe this is still up? in fact you don't even need to type "kevjumba"! Read on-->
*sobs* oh boy. how legit are these results... *sobs*
fuck yeah its making us stupid. haha. and the internet's down a lot
oh look, there's some very interesting irony here. 
surprise surprise.
wait... a website is the first thing that pops up???
misspelled "justin" and i still got justin bieber. wow
well this isn't really much of a surprise per say, but i didn't even finish her name. interestingly, there's no mention of her fashion sense or music.
what the... there's no mention of yaoi here whatsoever! *shocked*
poor SHINee... the first thing that pops up about them is if key is gay... wow
*shocked!* there's not a lot of about! and worse yet, the only result is questioning his heroic legacy??? whaaaat?
bwahahahaha!! why would asking if sex is good be the top? 
what the... *shock* there are NO results for fred phelps? really??






You may find some of my searches extremely questionable. Haha. Sorry for the long list of images. I wanted to see how carried away I could get while stressed with nonstressful stuff. Really I'm bored when I should not be. Literally.

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