Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Resa's Top 10 List of Kpop Dances

As you may know,  I have covered a number of Kpop dances and I realized I never shared my favorite dances.

When it comes pop idols, my personal preferred ranking or criteria include:

-Dances based off non-theatrical dance styles (i.e. ballet, break dancing, ballroom, some styles of hip hop, as opposed to jazz, broadway, contemporary, etc)
-Difficulty of the dance steps and movements
-Group formations/synchronization and "coolness"

10th: Exo "Growl" (2012)
I felt like this (and SHINee's "Sherlock") was a game changer for Kpop's style of recording dance- it skyrocketed the popularity of "one shot" dance camerawork that is still prevalent today.

9th: Gfriend "Navillera" (2016)
A rookie group that I found by accident, but their dance style resembles so much of what I miss from SNSD's old dances- a combination of large and micromovements, strong synchronization, formations that aren't cluttered, and actual dance technique.

8th: Rania "Masquerade" (2011)
I discovered them when they were a still a rookie group going through a ton of controversy. But there's a reason I keep covering this dance over and over- the sexiness, the fluidity, the confidence, prop usage and the flexibility. I like unique dances with the chance to show off.

7th: Infinite "Be Mine" (2011)
This (and Sungjong's "geurae remix") was what dragged me down the rabbit hole that is Infinite. Currently it is still their (historically) most popular dance and when it comes to Infinite, I definitely like their action-packed fast dances more.

6th: Teen Top "Rocking" (2013)
Boy howdy is this a difficult and mindblowing dance! I did not like Teen Top at all when they debuted, but after "To You" and "Rocking", they definitely became a more solid group (like Boyfriend, which I'm warming up to).

5th: BoA "Girls on Top" (2005)
Technically, my first introduction to a Kpop artist before listening to Kpop was BoA's anime OST tracks. Once I got into Kpop, I discovered multiple idols' covers of this and decided- what the heck, this is an awesome badass song and dance.

4th: SHINee "Evil" (2013)
Another feature I really really love when it comes to Kpop dances is those that are nonstandard- they include traditional dance technique (i.e. all of ぷぷっぴ dances), include props (i.e. "Dream Girl"), and include "tricks"... like blindfolds. Watch the amazement below.

3rd: After School "First love" (2013)
This dance was what got me into pole dancing. DaredB's ranking of "First Love" being the best Kpop Prop Dance is no joke- arguably the best example of incorporating real dance, real difficulty, hardcore stage presence and only adds onto After School's repertoire of awesome prop usage.

2nd: H.O.T. "We Are the Future" (1997)
Pardon the terrible fashion, but we're going old school once again. Hip Jam's cover of this was one of my earliest exposures to Kpop dance covers by fans (along with SHINee's performance). What blew me away was the speed, the difficulty, the techno melody (not many Kpop songs have EDM-ish electric tone), and the "epicness" atmosphere.

1st: Girls Generation "Into the New World"
My favorite Kpop dance of all time. Another Kpop dancer, Ryan Yeom, was one of my first inspirations when it came to editing dance covers and "Into the New World" (and Epsilon's "Lucifer" cover) was what got me hooked into Kpop dances.

Honorable Mentions: (aka, Honorable SHINee dances that would have cluttered this list)
SHINee "A.M.I.G.O.", ft. a dance break
SHINee "Dream Girl"
SHINee "Lucifer"
My gold standard for web-based dances, though, is everything by BoopBoopBeDoop (ぷぷっぴ), which is actually an odorite group so they don't count.

Let me know if you have any Kpop dance favorites or if you discovered anything new! After all, this list is a bit of a mix.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cwL8T3jTcs

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