Monday, June 13, 2016

Fanime 2016 Con Report

I am finally happy to say this year was definitely more positive compared to my personal previous 2 years of Fanime. I will also update this post as I find more photos/videos.
Disclaimer to start off:
I will address the fact that many other people were not happy with #Linecon2016. Although I am not a head and therefore not authorized to speak on behalf of staff, as part of staff for the past 3 years and friends with many rovers for the past 6 years, 2016 was nothing compared to 2012 and 2013. The department heads has also been working on things related to disclosed policies, which may be part of all the registration changes.
Moving on!
Transportation to and from Fanime was hassle-free for me! Unfortunately, once again, I was dragging along incomplete cosplays, but this time my chainsaw was going to be complete (courtesy of a cosplayer friend) and the only other bulky feature was going to be Mesprit's tails.


Most of this day was spent on getting my badge, fixing cosplays, finishing Fanimaid dances, and staff duties. (Note: I was staff, so I don't have any statements on the line badge aside from what I spoke of earlier). Unfortunately Yuzuki gave me so much of a headache that I missed basically 90% of the Vocaloid gathering. I was only at the end with the 7-second poses. If anyone happens to find me, please share that one picture I'm probably in!

Jigglypuff putting a bunch of us to sleep.
Super fun Pokemon gathering! I'd like to think that once you realize which Pokemon I was, you could tell it was Mesprit. I think a problem most Pokemon pokemon cosplayers have is how to pose because most of them aren't... human. After that I was doing a bunch of Fanimaid Cafe stuff. See end of this entire post for links to all my performances. Let's just say that working inside the cafe this time was drama-free. However, the dances this year that I was in? Ooooh boy was there drama. From people unwilling to practice to people dropping out 10 minutes before our turn onstage, it was a train wreck for all the dances that I was in. Luckily this year, I'd like to think you can't tell that we had mistakes (unless you knew the actual dance). I will say none of my patrons really stood out on Saturday, aside from a slightly chaotic multi-group party that I did, but that implies it was otherwise drama-free. There was a surprisingly large number of new girls and a surprising number of girls that were there when I first entered in 2014 weren't here this year. Then I had a very very relaxing evening of yaoi bingo and the gaming hall.


I will skip out the morning oversleeping drama and head right to the point that I severely fucked up the Girls Day "Darling" performance (so I have no right to speak about what I wrote on Saturday), although SNSD's "Oh" was not as terrible as "Supernova Galaxy". That afternoon was fascinatingly but guiltily rushed- I was working the maid cafe, then I rushed to do the Cosplay Chess panel (mistakes galore! But less chaos than last year, haha), rushed back out of that, and back into the maid cafe. Interestingly, one of my patrons during this later shift, recognized me from Cosplay Chess. How that happened I have no idea because the line for the cafe is 2hrs+, and I was back from the panel after 1hr. There's a recording of the entire Anime Cosplay Chess right here! I chilled some more, and then headed into a 12hr overnight staff shift.

The overnight shift continued on halfway into this day and let's just say... us staff had our own share of sleep deprived fun, haha. You can see what I mean by the prank in my Fanime 2016 vlog (link TBA). I headed into a sleep deprived video shoot for PRiSMix's Jpop Summit entry of "Gokuraku Jodo" (Note: We had a pool of names and I was the one who came up with this name during a group skype meeting). PRiSMix is a collab of as many previous Jpop Summit finalists as we could get together. Arketype, more members of Empire, and some others were supposed to be in it, but logistics of getting everyone together were difficult (hence why Jyuumily & Co are in separate location). I finally got a chance to check out the dealers hall and artist alley, binged on a discount body pillow, and ta-da, end of Fanime!

In summary:
Thinking back, Fanime 2016 for me was drama free and mostly relaxing because it was also event "free". Once again, aside from cafe and staff shifts, I didn't really do much. I prefer going to Dealers Hall/Artist Alley on the very last day (final day discounts!), so that was never an issue. I didn't go to any panels (by coincidence), I didn't go to any of the big events or guest events (due to laziness instead of conflicting event times), and I didn't try to do any vlogs, photoshoots, or more gatherings (due to coincidence).
This leads me to the conclusion that I should take a break from Fanimaid Cafe. It was a great experience while it lasted, but when it comes to my stage of life, my priorities for my experience at Fanime, being part of 2 departments is too taxing on me. I will promise myself to retire from the cafe in 2017 and just focus on staff. (I might come back in 2018, but that's not a guarantee).

In the meantime, here are all the dance videos! Enjoy!


Extra footage of dance videos:

Summary: All in all, this was a much more drama-free Fanime than 2014 and 2015, although I am now regretting I did considerably LESS than in previous years.

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