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So a ton of social media people has been promoting NatureBox in the last year and as YouTube trash, I finally gave in and tried one of their promos. I ordered: dried mango, mini Belgian waffles, salted caramel pretzel pops, chocolate granola, and mocha almond bars.
Mocha Almond Bars:
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This one was definitely my favorite and too bad there were only 3. What I look for most in snack bars is: chocolate, chewiness (preferably no "intrusive" nuts), and no "medicine sweetness". These were a smooth combination of chocolatey and chewy. Think FiberOne bars without the caramel and with almonds and peanuts. The best part was that the chocolate covered at least 75% of the bar and was right in the middle between sweet milk chocolate and bitter dark chocolate.

Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops:
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I was definitely surprised by this. I never understood why people liked salted caramel because the salt took away the sweetness of the caramel. However these balls (they definitely looked more like Whoppers balls than whatever "pops" would be) were a pleasant surprise. It was crunchy, but not too crunchy and the salt was not too prominent and just subtle enough to support the caramel flavor. Interestingly, at first glance it looks like it may be powdery, but it actually wasn't! This may tempt me to try other salted caramel products in the future.

Dried mango:
Click to view larger. Fun fact- you can see machine imprints on them.
The one saving grace was that it was not very powdery like most dried mango packets are. Sadly, I have to say I was most disappointed by this. The NatureBox dried mango pieces were sliced small and very thin, but most of all not "juicy" and very tough to chew. If anyone has tried "Philippine Dried Mangoes", they will know that despite it being and feeling dried/preserved, it is still nonetheless chewable and juicy.

Mini Belgian Waffles:
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There wasn't anything particularly special about this. These were simple cookies shaped in waffles that tasted like simple butter cookies. One definite positive fact was that it did not seem to stale very fast (something that happens to other "organic" cookies I've tried).

Chocolate Granola:
Click to view larger. I actually had to zoom in 90x to show this. 
I'm quite torn by this. On one hand, it was the best chocolate flavor and amount of flavor in any granola mix I've tried. However, the grains were so finely chopped or grinded that it almost felt more like chocolate powder at the bottom of a cereal than granola that you can put into yogurt or cereal, let alone into the palm of your hand for snacking.

Conclusion: All in all, for a first, this was not bad. To be honest, I could not tell the difference between something organic you could get at a normal grocery store in person versus through NatureBox, nor could I tell if any of these were any more or less "nutritious" than the average "organic" company snack. The flavors were just subtle enough so anyone who wants something not too sweet or not too bombastic would be just as pleased by anyone who wants that flavor and sweetness. Would it be worth the price? I would not recommend it for families because the quantity is just too small (all the packaged snacks were only half full), nor for anyone who lives nearby enough grocery stores. But hey, who would turn down food samples?
What the packages looked like.

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