Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rania "Masquerade" Dance Cover

Breaking news...! I have a new kpop dance cover?!

Rania's "Masquerade", split screen version. I finally finally finished it. A solo practice version might be uploaded for practical performance purposes? More heartfelt details and how to do split screen covers below:
First- editing notes: "Lucifer" was probably my hardest split screen (and first, lol) to edit because I was shooting outside and the lighting problems. Since then, of course, I've learned more about masking for split screens- such as how to actually place my movements on the floor relative to each side and to the camera's field of vision; as well as important things about the keeping your background as consistent and still as possible.
Despite learning that- I thought it'd help to have a camera person to, y'know, help me spot the placements in the camera as well as keep the camera steady/check battery/check intruders/etc. However, every possible relevant disaster happened, from my location on the day of the shoot being changed last minute, having wardrobe malfunctions (see bloopers), but dumbest of all- having the camera completely off centered, tilted off axis, and inconsistent lighting. I might as well have had not camera person to begin with! This ended up forcing me to have to edit more than I should have (Bad Girl Good Girl, I Am The Best, didn't have to deal with any rotations or light fixes at all), including the crazy SHINee Dream Girl MV-esque flashes/transitions that I input.

Second- important feels notes: While I was finishing up my (now cringeworthy) 2011 covers, two dances caught my eye- SNSD's "Into the New World Remix" and Rania's "Masquerade". I was also caught up in doing those split-3-screen covers. Thus I'd planned extensively for those two and in 2011, i was making progress on both of them... sorta.
For some reason, life happened and I sort of dropped those two...
2012 passed, RaRe S2 and group covers mostly.
2013 happened- had been in England.
And now. 2014. September. Masquerade is finally, finally, finally finished. Remember this "teaser"? Click it and go to 0:53. Yep, that was my teaser in 2013. 2013!

So that's how long I've been waiting to finish this. A long ass time. And this cover... brings me back the feels, the old reminisce-y feels and it feels so satisfying to finally finally finally have it finished.
For all of you out there who have covers you really want to do but feeling if-fy about, there's no skirting it: practicing it and doing and just doing it is the only way to finish a cover. There's no shortcuts because it's your body and your camera and your computer that can do it- nothing else.

Anyways, if you have read this far- I congratulate you so much! I also hope this cover didn't give anyone as much headaches as Dream Girl might have, even though it looks more inspired by Taemin's Ace "concept" video. I hope you like this cover- comment any points or questions you have or if you have covers you want to see me do or collaborations! And if you do like it- give me a thumbs up and subscribe and share! <3 br="">

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