Friday, July 25, 2014

Official TV Debut!

I've officially debuted on TV!
The KPOP San Francisco Regional Contest 2014 is being aired on 24Hr Kpop, channel 32.6 for the next few days (July 24 to July 30), and my performance was aired last night on TV!

24hr Kpop, the TV station that broadcast the contest, also posted up links here. There is also a fancam of my performance here. Anyways, this is a clip of my interview and performance, and the actual full TV show as also been uploaded to Youtube at 7:15. In that show, they also have a freestyle dance break and I'm at 1:09:27.
Here's proof:
Excuse the extreme derpiness, but this is a necessary selca.

So what are my feels about being on TV?

  • You definitely get a little bigheaded the first time you see it. 
  • No one's first time on TV is perfect; I've interviewed for jobs and (school) newspapers of course before, but never for entertainment/show biz TV. So although I knew they were going to interview me, I only prepared for the first one, and on the after performance interview, they didn't give me time to catch my breath. Therefore, I look like a- I'm nervous, b-well obviously out of breath. Which kind of sucks because I was honestly happily excited and not nervous at all. /Facepalm.
  • I was in a newspaper back in elementary school when I won 2nd place at a newspaper-sponsored Mother's Day card contest. I and my parents were very very show offy and excited.
  • This time, I'm more showy offy online because of so much social media networking. But calmer in person possibly? At least internally.
  • So yea, exciting first time on TV!
Here's the flyer for the event:

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