Saturday, March 8, 2014

Infinite's New Subunit... Infinite-F

So, during Infinite's One Great Step Returns concert on February 28th and March 1st, 2014, they revealed an interesting surprise to us- the debut of Infinite F(ace/flower), a Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Sungjong subunit! (Should've been Infinite-M for maknae line).

I’m mega happy that Infinite’s maknae line finally gets a chance to shine by themselves officially. Sort of. However, much like Woohyun/Key’s subunit ToHeart, I feel like this is another Donghae/Eunhyuk subunit that’s just for fanservice and fun. (Minus the talent that ToHeart will have).
-Lets be real, none of them are particularly powerful vocalists. Sungyeol has the range of a teaspoon and (personal preference) though Myungsoo’s voice is stable, it’s too nasally for me, and even when he’s good, Sungjong’s voice doesn’t always match well with the other two. None of them are particularly strong dancers (granted Sungjong’s gracefully better than Myungsoo/Sungyeol). I honestly can’t imagine them with a serious repertoire of songs like their hyungs have had. Based off past performances, it is the Woogyuyadong that carry the bulk of their songs/dances and it is those 4 that also carry the bulk of the vocal/dance talent. Even as a hardcore Sungjong bias, I have to admit maknae line is like the decoration (Flowers). This’ll also lead to uneven line distribution.

Lack of sex appeal:
-Before you crush me with BUT THEY ARE SEXY, I mean are the trio powerfully attractive enough to hold up a real song by themselves? Compare Orange Caramel and After School, another subunit trio, more focused on the cute factor and drawing-in-extra-attention-that-the-band-can’t-attract (which Infinite doesn’t need by the way). Separately, sure Myungyeoljong can be sexy, but their individual skill level and image is gonna lead to CUTE CUTE SKILLESS CUTE. This is because, although Sungjong can switch between sexy and cute any time he wants, he’s gonna be held back by Myungyeol. Compare Troublemaker to Sexy Back to Adult Ceremony; clearly who is ableto perform a sexy stage? God forbid Sungyeol and Myungsoo ever try a sexy solo stage (again).

Popularity/shipping wars:
-Everyone knows the maknae line shipping wars (Myungyeol/Myungjong/Yeoljong).

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