Monday, November 4, 2013

SHINee - "Everybody" MV [Review]

So SHINee came back a couple weeks ago with "Everybody" MV and I couldn't help cross-posting a review I made.
Basically this MV is two extremes: its either really bad or really good, not much in between.
MV: The opening is really really fuckin' awesome- creepy ass doll merry-go-round, random imagery that fits in a dubstep MV (the random scorpion, random bird flying). The visuals are so crisp and clean when it flows into straight into shinee (literally) and the rest of the MV. Also, if you notice the horse that the doll is riding on? Its horrifying. And its holding some transparent anal plug-looking thing. Just don't look at the dolls for too long if you're seriously got doll-phobia xD
But then... there's no more of the creepy doll things! :( And it just turns into a SM dance box MV.
However, I do wanna point out the cracky fact that Jonghyun's statues are hollow and not attached to the pedestals, Taemin's background thing is probably from SNSD's "The Boys" MV, and Onew looks frickin hot on the ground. Oh and Rayestar and I figured out Jonghyun resembles Lucious Malfoy with his pimp cane and bleach blonde hair, lol.
Dance: Well, like I said, SM dance box MV. But the dance, too, is either really bad or really good. It's basically stunning, Tony Testa gold or Tony Testa needs to get fired and replaced with Rino and Jaewon again, plz.
Good parts: The opening with how each of them wake up and then throwing Taemin (which is why they start off centre). Minho's line right before the choruses when Jongyu/Taekey are doing the floating-running move. Key/Taemin's rolling line hand thing also before the choruses (Key does it MUCH better than Taemin tho and its so obvious). Entire sequence of Minho "unlocking" the SHINee members, except when he's doing Onew. Most of the chorus except for to-be-mentioned static moments. The entire monster car sequence, fuck yeah! Locking their heads at the ending.
Bad parts: Everything else aside from those because they're totally static/boring. Ironically, they also part of typical girl group dance moves (poses, shoulder shakes, static running [aside from the float-running], penguin shuffle, girl-group-style popping locking, etc). I'm also tempted to say the SHINee drinking game dance is kinda bad-weird, but IDK wtf that even was.
But why are those bad parts there? Cause the amazing parts are so high energy its pretty obvious these boring static parts of there so they can take a fuckin break. >.> It also explains why they are allowed to collapse at the end. 
Fashion: Again, either really good or really bad. Their dance uniforms aren't that bad. Personally, I also find their makeup and facial accessories visually appealing/stunning (earrings, that thing on their nose bridge, eye shadow and guyliner, pimp cane, etc).
Key and Taemin are finally back to black hair, Onew's now blonde, Jonghyun is still bleach blonde. Even Key's shorts are forgivable this time around. Tbqh, there's only 2 fashion crimes here: shirtless Taemin ribs and Key's... whatever that thing in his hair is. And a makeup complaint is that there were some shots where it looked like the coordi-noona forgot to give Onew lipstick/lip color.
I feel like there's more potential for the military uniforms, the room that they're in, and the creepy dolls to make a connection, but they didnt go all the way! :sadface:
Song: The reason I put this here last is cause I'm not really a music analytic. Unlike other people, I personally don't think SM dubstep is that offensive (like "Catch Me"). And there's not too much that it's a major annoyance in this song, which is probably all thanks to the creepy doll intro. What is a major annoyance, though, is the chorus- which is literally an earworm of 30 "Everybody"-s on repeat. Literally. There's probably something that can be said about Key's or Minho's voices, but I'm clueless on it.
Unfortunately, the dubstep is also goes with the bad static dance parts i mentioned earlier :S and iono if that's a coincidence.
That's it. And, there was so much potential for more in the MV... but SM didnt take it as far as they could've. Could've been as good as Dream Girl, if not more. They also need to drop shirtless Taemin- he is no good with his ribs and skinniness, Sherlock was horrifying enough. Also, please, they need to drop Tony Testa. He has his good moments, but really, its only sometimes. 

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