Saturday, August 24, 2013

Travels 2012-2013!

Never in my life have I traveled as much as I did from 2012-2013. Aside from the obvious exchange year to Norwich, England, I also went to (literally) a dozen other countries. In chronological order:

London, UK
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium
Edinburgh, Scotland
Norwich, UK
Milan, Italy
Venice, Italy
Rome, Italy
Prague, Czech Republic
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria
Budapest, Hungary
Zakopane, Poland
Krakow, Poland
Welsh hikes
Scotland highlands
Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany

*18 places! 12 countries!


  1. for 601 WIP:
    -logan/madison story
    -old man mathematician story

  2. Well, Miss A has finally finally made a comeback with "Hush" since like October of last year! I'm pretty sure they've been active in dramas and other stuff, but who gives a shit about that when I'm missing their music/dance material.

    Before I dig into what I'm bordering on disappointed by the MV, I'll buffer it with what I do enjoy- the song is beautiful, its catchy, its musically well crafted, they sing it right, eeetc. It's one of those good fast-paced kinds of ballads thats aren't boring. The MV itself is also well shot, with pretty crisp and clean visuals, well-crafted shots and timing, lighting and sets that fit and bring out the mood of the song, and I'll get more into the gray area of how well or not well Miss A actually fits in the mv. Miss A themselves are still highly attractive, no one is committing a fashion crime, and still dancing and singing well (yeaaa their voices). Personally I "like the dance" in terms of it's fanservicey for fangirls/fanboys.
    As for what disappointed me... well, simply put the song and the dance. The title "Hush" and the hook "Give it to me" automatically draw me to Apink and Sistar, not miss A. The uniform turtlenecks are painful to look at when it cuts off their neck (and since when did miss A start wearing uniform promotion costumes anyways???) in the closeups. There is a sad lack of Jia, tho at last Fei is lookin' real good.