Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby Steps into Cooking

Warning: Image heavy post.
Anyways, back at home, I never, literally never, did any cooking. So, the fastest/first thing I learned to cook was this vegetable-chicken soup concoction. In this new environment, I was totally fine with eating that, and only that, for the rest of the year because I felt I didn't have the time/energy to learn anything else. Cooking rice also took me a while to learn, but that was required (for me) anyways, so I was ok struggling through that.

But one day visiting a friend’s dorm, she showed me how to scramble eggs. 
(Scrambled egg with shrimp)
Then, I recalled how to hard boil eggs. Ta-da! My first real cooked meal.
(This is actually deviled eggs. But whatevs, still boiled.)
Then one day, I decided that, instead of boiling chicken, I’ll try stir-frying it. Instant success on my first try- white, golden brown, with a crunch. 
Sadly, I was never able to reproduce this though... :(
Nice memory tho :')

And it smelled 
delicious.I was also stunned because i did not look up ANY recipes for either of these meals. So, imagine my ridiculous joy in discovering that I could improvise learning how to cook!!! 

So basically what are the things I can cook now?
(Fried rice. I add different ingredients though, now.)
(Tang. A sorta Chinese appetizer soup.)
(Eggplant stuffing. This photo also includes
the bad fried chicken that I keep spitting out now)
(Beef. My proudest accomplishment thus far)
(Another beef steak.)
I'm still working on my pasta though. However, I will say I have one big. Fat. Weakness. Tomatos- between that wretched tomato soup noodle paste that I concocted when I was younger to that tomato soup the other day, cooking tomatos have always been a thorn in my side.

Extra: My first hard boiled egg set included this little guy xD

Anyways, look forward to more improvement!

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