Saturday, June 23, 2012


Please vote for my cover group! We worked extra hard this past year and really hope for a chance to go! if you’re unable to register to vote, you can still hit up the views everyday, just click the link and enter the page once a day :D

SHINee "Love Like Oxygen A"- (aemail)

SHINee "Love Like Oxygen B"- (cherry)

Secret "Love is Move"- (thrshot)

Miss A "Bad Girl Good Girl A"- (magic)

SNSD "Oh" - (mailsfsu)

Miss A "Goodbye Baby"- (lenryan)

SHINee "Lucifer"- (taylor)

4MINUTE "I My Me Mine" - (gaclubyahoo)

Thank you to everyone who does!!!
And please spread the word to support LunarStar! 

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