Thursday, April 12, 2012

SHINee Sherlock Freestyle Cover

Hey guys! Me and a friend participated in the SHINee Sherlock Cover Contest! We did a freestyle cover because there was no way we'd get it down in time and correctly, especially compared to all the other covers out there.
  Here's the video.
I also did a vocal cover with a Lunar☆ - you can watch that here.

 Please watch and support. Below is random ranting about the cover.

So anyways, because we only had two people, even if we did learn it correctly, it wouldn't look quite as cool. So we decided to choreograph our own thing (yeah, not 100% freestyle, but the idea's there). I'm not telling you which one is me, but my friend, who has far more dance experience, choreographed the first 2/3 and the ending, and i choreographed the bridge. Honestly, I thought her ideas were amazing and, unfortunately, we had to change many things many times due to lack of time. When it came time for my part to choreograph... I honestly had no idea- I can only cover and be flexible at most. I ended up having to ask help everywhere and looked up a lot of my high school's dance company dances and kpop dance battles to get ideas. xD I guess I'm kinda proud of my first time choreographing something. (My shortcut? Make us do different things so that if we're off, its not obvious xD). Also, my friend had the brilliant of having us replicate the ideas in the music video, so we ended up being a burglar and a detective, searching for the jewelry (its hard to see- its actually a fake pocket watch), fighting, and then ending with a twist. So uh obviously, throughout we sprinkled "interaction" sequences that emulated fighting energy. However, one very unfortunate thing was that we couldn't pull everything together properly... in time. Thus, a big bummer was that we had to shoot it in segments and,especially towards the end, had to so so. many. retakes. And so we ended up having to wait until the 13th KST to shoot, and I just uploaded it today... Slight worry about whether or not it'll get in on time... 

So anyways, I hope you enjoy! And even if we don't win anything... well that'd be a bummer cause we worked ridiculously hard on this... :/

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