Friday, January 13, 2012

MVNEGood? Wonder Girls' "Be My Baby" MV Review

This vlog review will never be released even though we shot it, but here are our review notes anyways.

Final Verdict:
T.S.AAV: This song and video  tightly made and the Wonder Girls kept with the same style they had before, and perhaps that's what make it tame and simple. Another disappointing comeback. I wish they had a video with a BANG.
Rayestar: The Wonder Girls came back with a different kind of retro style, but they were trained this way, so they do it well. After over a year, they seemed to have matured since 2 Different Tears with the bright flashy colors, and Hyerim has also improved since joining the group,
T.S.AAV Notes:

-meaning: there's this boy they're really interested in and they're asking for him to be their boyfriend/baby and vice versa
-one helluva boring song. :| very "safe"
-vocals are nice to listen too, very steady :/
-sohee has an unusually large amount of lines (she gets both entire verses)
-transitions are really lame. close to next to nothing.
-glad JYP has good translators for the captions (altho its really annoying when they have spelling typos) so at the very least the lyrics flow in the translation
-alarm call backing during yubin's rap is hella annoying

-its ONLY a dance vid :/
-except sohee in 2nd vers, odd that no one has solo scene, not even for solo lines in which its really just a close up of a dance part cause you can still see the other members in the background. 

-great art direction in this video- loved the optical illusions created by B&W shadows 
-different from other B&W videos that use the monotone color for emotion and nostalgia, this time for a cool lively visual effect
-part where yeeun/yenny is replicated was nicely edited- hands disappeared behind her heads instead of getting an awkward cut 
-sunye's hairstyle is hideous
-yeeun blonde hair looks like beyonce and i find that annoying cuz it expands her jawline 
-yay no stilettos! 

-more on the optical illusions:
--clever camera + swiveling light source made it look like the floor was revolving by keeping the girls in the same spot. very cool. 
--overhead shots reminded me of those masquerade prom scenes where the whole room is dancing the same and then you get that awesome hair spinning moment!
--cuts during hyelim's prechorus lines matched sharply on the beat
-random sets that had nothing to do with the song, but they were useful! i.e. circle staircase, the backup dancers climbed up it
-lots of staircases, wonder why. platform for the boy to climb up to?

-Completely dance video
-their dances are always epicly memorable yet relatively easy to get down
-circle motion by hip when singing "baby"- the boy as their baby or an actual baby o.0O
-extremely womanly and curvy. i wanna see jokwon/sungjong do a kkab version

Rayestar Notes:

-lyrics: dreaming about a boy who's perfect
-girls are apparently perfect themselves, a bit arrogant
-American soul music/singing style
-bouncy synth background, snapping
-static and really long rapping :/

-Beyonce comparison
-boring chorus?
-lot of dynamic arm movement

-I want Hyerim's hair!
-Sunye/Sohee retro hair
-black and white
-round circle theme
-fluffy arm things

-black and white, plain (but effective)
-WG steps
-round (circle) theme again
-appropriate camera effects along with music

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