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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do collaborations?
  • Yes! I would love to do a collab cover/vlog with someone. Feel free to also contact me if you'd like to form a group.
What do you use to shoot your videos?
  • Pre-2013, for my own dance covers, Rare S2 covers, and kpop MV reviews, I was using a Canon DSLR. In England, I varied between my webcam, the Canon DSLR, and a Canon PowerShot A1300. Now that I'm back in the US, I'm still using that PowerShot. I edit on Final Cut Express and iMovie 7HD.
What do you use for drawing/painting?
  • For dry media, I use charcoal, graphite pencils, and my fingers for blending, and wet media- acrylics or watercolor. (I once used ink wash... but I don't think that's coming up any time soon). For digital media, I regularly use GIMP, Inkscape, and Photoshop CS6. 
What does "Rare S2" mean?
  • It stands for me and Rayestar's names- the "RaRe" comes from the the first two letters of each of our names, and the "S2" stands for the two "S" in rayeStar and reSa. It could be pronounced "Heart" since "S2" looks like a heart emoticon, as well as S-two, Double S, S-squared, etc.
How long does it take to learn a dance?
  • Yeah um... this takes a long long long-ass time. Update: I have officially quit doing dance covers.
How long have you been dancing/drawing/cosplaying?
  • I did ballet when I was younger and started figure skating and roller skating in high school (that's how I started youtube, my first channel, skatingchiic, was dedicated to figure skating videos though now it's a dump channel, haha). When I started cosplaying in high school, I jumped into the world of cover dances, and though I no longer take figure skating classes, I'm still covering dances. Drawing-wise, I'm self taught up until 2nd year of college when I was minoring in studio art. I'm on a hiatus from cosplaying now though.
I found another blog/site/channel that seems to be you. Which accounts are you?
  • As the previous question states, I have a lot of different usernames through the years. You can recognize me with "-chiic" usernames. Other confirmed usernames that are permanently inactive: airanimechiic, gamcotakus, nabariproductions, waddlenguin (non-youtube ones), skatingchiic, TSAAV, TSLuna. You can recognize my inactive anime/manga forums and online gaming usernames that end with "-guin".
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