Thursday, December 15, 2011

MVNEGood? Tablo "Tomorrow" & Jinwoon (2AM) "If Not Now" MVs Review

This week, we reviewed Tablo's "Tomorrow" and Jinwoon (2AM)'s "If Not Now". Review vlog link here. Extra footage here.

Final Verdict: "Jinwoon has a good video... The style of the mv seems to fit Jinwoon, especially the rock aspect (see "You Walking Towards Me"), and it's a creative mv, which coincides with how 2AM's mvs usually go since they're strictly a ballad group."
"Tomorrow" Final Verdict: "This is a good, simple video. The song's meaning is obvious, all the video's components match up with it, and it tightly wrapped up and well made. It's rather similar to Big Bang's "Love Song" so I'm wondering whats up with YG repeating a similar concept."

T.S.AAV Notes: Tablo- "Tomorrow"
-He's stuck in an emotional time warp limbo where he can't forget his previous lover who either cheated on him or died. 
-Serious rapping. NIcely blended with Taeyang's voice. And the piano backing.

-Resembles "Love Song" a butt ton: walking around in a low saturated landscape 
-in the beginning where it SEEMS like Taeyang and Tablo are walking towards each other. not until after the bridge to they meet up and then they both hop onto the helicopter
-obviously, the helicopter represents lifting table away from the limbo so that there WILL be a tomorrow
-what does taeyang represent?
-EPIC STOP MOTION VIDEO. oddly american. the animals popping in with the lyrics is very cute.

-rich designer race cars
-tablo/taeyang similar manly gringy outfits, altho taeyang has more bling and tablo's shirt frequently slips off his shoulder

-tablo's section of the desert is much more disoriented
-in tablo's section of the limbo, there's 2 cars and they pass by him more frequently, also, the helicopter flies really, really low o.O
-taeyang only has a track no matter how many times the cars drives in front of him
-the cars are forming a figure 8, or a infinity symbol. wonder what that means
-like "love song" - lots of high, deep field, jib camera shots
-lurve the epic slowmo shot of the dirt being whipped around taeyang at 2:00 and he doesn't even acknowledge it
-very ending- helicopter + car going into distance- classic ending for an emotional vid- interesting that its the same shot it begins with

-Only taeyang does any sort of dancing, and the fancy footwork is something you'd have to have some dance experience to know. xD

Rayestar Notes: Jinwoon- "If Not Now"

-laidback with a steady beat
-Coldplay? definitely rock genre, though
-singing his heart out!
-the time is now to do what is right

-nice trenchcoat
-nice vest
-pink belt!?!
-air helmet mask thingy O.o
-mostly black colors

-along the shore, in the clouds
-underwater, blue colors
-arrows, music notes

-breaking of frames
-journey to bottom of sea, bright colors
-2D CG
-awkward running!

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